Turmeric – Detox


I recently had a pretty bad virus circulating in my house. I really never get sick, so when this one hit me, it took me down pretty hard. I sought out the help of my all natural guru friend. To back up a little in the story, my son was sick and out of school for several days. This didn’t worry me much because I just disinfect the house as always and prevent him from having it for too long or a re-occurrence. But I woke up with clogged ears and a sore throat…. WTHeck? Me, sick? I went to

No Time For Exercise?

I have come across many people who ask me how I have time to get in 4 days at the gym every week while working more than one job. I say it is simple. I MAKE time. Working out is a priority in my life. Child, work, exercise –  in that order. Everything else may be shuffled and sometimes skipped. I know many people who just can’t find any time to go to the gym. Well, there is good news. There are plenty of body weight exercises you can do at home or on your lunch break that do not require a gym

Natural anti-inflammatory

After many years of playing sports and gym time, I find I get muscle soreness when stepping up the weights as most people do. But the joint pain and inflammation that goes a long with it can be quite taxing to say the least. Inflammation is your body’s natural response to an injury, pathogen or irritant. Chronic inflammation occurs when something engages your immune system and inhibits your body’s ability to shut this response off. There are many natural foods, herbs and supplements that can help alleviate soreness, swelling and inflammation. Instead of reaching for the Ibuprofen or aspirin which


Poster – Focus

Inspirational poster – Focus

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Poster – Challenge


Inspirational poster – Challenge

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Poster – Balance

Inspirational Poster – Balance

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Make your fitness fun and challenging


Do you get bored with your workout routine? Are you stuck  in cardioland, doing the same machines at the gym every day? There are many classes you can take at the gym to change up your monotony like Spin class, Body Pump, and even Zumba. Yoga and Pilates are excellent workouts too. But there are more challenging alternative that are fun and effective. Circuit training is a great workout that uses resistance, weights and cardio. It is an intense workout that helps burn fat by building muscle. NOT bulking muscle, but building it. Building muscle mass helps to burn calories and

To cheat, or not to cheat…


Many of my friends give me a hard time because I don’t “enjoy” food like most of them do. Most people that are health conscious do really well most days out of the week and “cheat” on one day. Well, I am not a “cheater”. I never stray from a healthy diet. I don’t eat sugar. I don’t eat many carbs (except fruit and veggie carbs). I make sure my diet is filled with protein and fiber. I am not against “cheating” per say. But it just isn’t part of my foodie lifestyle. I have never been fond of sweets. My past


A resolution is a course of action determined or decided on. I don’t know why people wait for the New Year to make a resolution, but at least resolutions are being made.

It is my opinion that if fitness and health are a resolution, then it is a week, month, year, and lifetime commitment and goal. There are permanent changes that need to be made to fulfill these types of goals. It is not a decision to be taken lightly and it will not benefit you if it is followed only a few months out of the year.

If your goal or